Don’t be afraid to unburden yourself

We all have things inside us that are a burden and left buried or unattended, they simply don’t go away.

T hey can small everyday things we observe that conflict with our values or longer-term more deep rooted burdens that we’ve allowed to fester.

They burn inside us like an acid. They trouble us without realising. They affect how we behave and the longer we leave things that trouble us, the more harm it does.

Find a person who you trust, who will be non-judgemental, who will listen with empathy, who has unconditional love and you can be vulnerable with.

Then unburden yourself and ask them to listen and not to fix.

It’s like the stone in the shoe it doesn’t go away on it’s own, you have to get it out.

We fear to unburden, perhaps, as we haven’t yet found the right person to unburden to and we have not been clear about what we need from that person when we’ve found them.

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