If we left walking until we were adults…

If we left learning to walk until we were adults, we’d be unable to.

Toddlers fall flat on their faces, time and time again, yet they get back upright and have another go.

Why? Because they have not spent years or decades talking themselves out of doing things and fearing falling flat on their faces.

Now, as adults, unless we’ve had too many beers, we’re unlikely to physically fall flat on our faces, but we do fall flat in so many other ways.

Instead of just getting back up again and rising strong, we shrink, we become fearful, we talk ourselves out of just doing it again, and again, and again, until we get there.

Richard Branson’s motto, another person who I am trying to learn more about, without evaluation, as I’d prejudged him, is ‘screw it, just do it’ and that is what the toddler says. Most adults say ‘screw it, I ain’t doing it’.

We have to fall over to learn, don’t stay too frightened to fall down.

If you haven’t guessed it yet from today’s and yesterday’s blog, I am talking to myself to get the f… on with things.

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