5 reasons why ‘5 reason to…’ lists don’t work

1. It’s been done, we’ve all been there.

2. It’s been done to death.

3. It is not imaginative.

4. It is unlikely we’ll say anything that will stand out, that is really insightful, just more list filler.

5. It’s difficult to think of 5 things or 9, or 12 or whatever number we chose for our list. So we fill up lists to make them look bigger and more useful.

Lists are often accompanied by a ‘buy my stuff’ style ‘hook’. We’ve all spat them out now and do not get hooked.

What we could choose to do instead is share our story, our passion, and build trust by generously sharing our knowledge in a deeper more informative way, that will connect us with the people who like what we have to say and what we stand for.

Our story is uniquely different and needs to be told to our tribe/audience who will care about what we do if it adds real value in exchange for their time to consume our content.

Skip the lists and hooks for more genuine content that is about connecting, sharing, building value and trust.

Avoid the quick wins and opt for the longer term.

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