The miracle of life

We stare into that tiny screen looking and hoping for worthiness, for a miracle.

Yet the miracles of life and worthiness are all around us.

Our smartphone has become the biggest vulnerability shield that we can hide in.

Switch it off and enjoy the joy of real life, you only get the one chance don’t waste it inside a virtual world of consumption, judgement, click bait and other soulless life avoiding trash.

The miracle of life is love, friendship, human touch, human interaction, the natural world, art, photography, singing, music, water, the sky, adventure with the people who matter, open discussion, conversation, kindness, compassion and so much more. 

It is not another game of candy crush, a Facebook update, an Instagram like or snapchat streak.

The only winners there are the smartphone manufacturers, the social media platforms and the advertisers who subliminally get us to consume more.

The miracle of life is outside your phone.

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