The weather forecast


Huge sums of money are spent on trying to predict with greater and greater accuracy something that is totally unpredictable.

If you live in the Sahara, unlikely as that may be, you do not need to waste money, as it will be most likely to be hot and dry. Certainty.

In the UK, we just spent £97 million on a new computer to predict the unpredictable and now there are plans to spend more.

It won’t matter how much money you invest into trying to be certain, as certainty is an extremely rare thing, not just with the weather but with life too.

Life is like the weather, difficult to forecast too accurately. Best to look out the window and dress appropriately on the day instead of investing too much time, energy and money trying to cover every eventuality.

Take each day as it unfolds, be in the moment, do what you can now as that will build the future. Forecasting something doesn’t make it so. Doing something is more likely too.

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