When it doesn’t matter


When we get to the stage when we let go of something mentally. When we think it is finished, there is nothing more to be done, we’ve tried everything, then there is this release of pressure.

What normally follows that is the solution we could not find before, the opportunities we could not see shine bright, the people we need come to us and all of sudden the thing we thought was finished has a green shoot of life.

This is because we have taken away the negativity of self-pressure. We have relieved ourselves of a burden and that gives us a sudden uplift of energy, freedom and choices.

The lesson is, don’t pressure yourself, let go of swimming upstream and allow life to flow.

It’s the pressure that kills opportunity, it clouds our vision, blocks our radar, we are blind to what is around us.

After all, very few things in a lifetime really matter so much, most is self-inflicted anxiety.

When it doesn’t matter, things flow from our relaxed approach, life is no longer such a struggle.

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