500+ friends and yet so few friends

likes by Philip Dodson
likes by Philip Dodson

We have collectively created a world where we have confused more of something to be better than less. Whatever happened to quality?

500 friends on Facebook seems amazing, wow so many friends! It’s especially amazing to a generation that grew up before Facebook, yes I am that old. We used to have maybe 5-6 friends, who we might phone or see once a week, they were typically local, not living in Australia or Bali or Venezuela. We’d often grown up with them, known their families, and went to school together.

Now we break into a mild hysterical panic if one of our ‘friends’ does not reply within minutes.

We believe we are so popular in our dopamine fueled Nirvana of ‘likes’,’hearts’, ‘Wows’ and ‘Hahas’, yet how many of the 500 are real true friends that we truly connect to and who will be there for us whatever?

Of course, social media enables us to share things and keep connected with distant friends. But it isn’t a replacement for life, as in real life.

We can get everything in an instant in our world, but real friendships aren’t created in an instant.

They are not made online.

Focus on real people, in real-time and in the physical world, not the digital one.

2 thoughts on “500+ friends and yet so few friends

  1. Hi Phil

    Perhaps, rather than connectedness, the abiding and paradoxical consequence of a networked world is loneliness?


    1. Yes, more connections has lead to more loneliness and the inability to connect or relate to people in the real world. People turn to their virtual ‘friends’ unable to connect with real people.

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