When work doesn’t exist, what will you do?


In the not too distant future, work for many will not exist, certainly not as it has existed for 1,000s of years.

AI will replace a great deal of the current low value tasked based and repetitive work. It will even start to replace some semi-skilled work and perhaps one-day some skilled work too.

For many that will leave a great big void and will leave the challenge of what to do.

Those who seek out specialist, very niche work, where their skills, experience, and deep knowledge can not easily be replicated by technology will be highly sought after.

For many millions, if not billions, what will the future be?

The human race is facing one of its greatest challenges, yet most are not even aware that it is or will happen. Most are distracted by killer clowns, terrorism, hate of anything different, that has been engineered by the people who are creating this future where we are replaced.

The real people in control create charades like the US elections where two candidates, who will have no real power, put on a show to entertain or appall us.

What will you do? Wait to be replaced by technology or perhaps it is time to replace the people who are creating that technology and controlling us.

It is in our hands, the 7 billion + of us who live on this planet, we all have our choices for ourselves and future generations.

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