Taking someone else’s seat


I’m sat here writing this at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris waiting for my flight to London.

Watching people queueing to board, scurrying by to their gate, sitting patiently in chairs awaiting their departure.

What if we could take someone else’s seat, take their boarding pass and go to their destination and life. Swap our life for someone else’s. After all, many of us compare with others and wish we were like someone else, wish we had their life.

So in another person’s life would you do things differently or would you end up the same you? Would this new opportunity enable you to be free and live without fear, as after all, it’s not your life?

The thing is we can do all the things in our own lives if we choose, the same as others can within their own. No need to swap, no need to compare to others.

We don’t need to look to what others might have, simply look at what we have.

Swapping for others will leave us in the same position, being held back by ourselves. No one has it better or worse, they just make different choices that lead to different results.

Don’t take someone else’s seat as you already have one of your own.

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