There will always be someone with a bigger….


In business people often use the excuse that their competitors have a bigger budget, with a better this and that. Bigger customers, bigger resources, bigger…..

‘They can just buy customers’ etc, etc.

The thing is if your business strategy was based on trying to out ‘muscle’ your competition, it was a failed strategy in the first place.

If your business strategy is to do what your competitors do and simply compete however you can, then that was another failed approach.

Don’t worry about your competition, worry about your business and creating something special that people want, something that they will market for you by telling others, by sharing the experience with other like-minded people in their network.

It’s not about out gunning others, it’s about creating something others desire and want to share.

Bigger is not better – better is better and often it is smaller than you kid yourself you need it to be.

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