Our futures are now


What we do right now in life is building and determining our futures. Every action we do this moment will be shaping our future. What we say, what we eat, who we talk to, the blog we post, the video we make, the song we sing. Equally what we choose not to do is shaping the future too.

Each step, each small building block, each tiny change, each action that we take now will be shaping our future. Small steps to a different life.

What we plan to do next week doesn’t matter.

Plan for now not tomorrow. We spend endless amounts of energy planning for something that might not happen. Instead of doing something now that will actually make a difference to the future.

Now determines the past and determines the future it is the only thing we can alter.

If you want a better future, then act right now, take a step towards it.

Now is our future and all that matters.

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