Each day we get up and often many follow the same repeating pattern each day.

While there are huge gains to be had from doing small repetitive daily tasks. We all know the compound effect and how daily tasks done often create often unstoppable momentum.

There can always be time for these important steps.

However, life becomes dull, unproductive and lacking in creativity without variety.


Imagine if you set time aside each day to create something new, to learn something new, to make a small improvement to something. Even walking home a different route or pushing the trolley around the supermarket in a different direction. Taking a moment to look up while walking, not for too long, though!

If it was just 10 minutes or half an hour a day.

In a week you will have done 7 things that you’d never previously done, learnt 7 new things, seen new things and so on.

Now imagine doing that for a month, a year, the rest of your life.

Repetition of successful daily rituals is vital, however, add to that the power of doing something new and different, then you have created almost unimaginable possibilities.

Don’t limit yourself to the same routine, just add something new.

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