Some days


Some days are a blur, for many, whole weeks, months or even a lifetime.

We’re in another world or just not tuned in.

Often, that is because we believe being almost frantically busy is good.

We have subscribed to the myth that busy and ‘achieving’ things, even if most of them we don’t know why we are doing, equates to success. Ultimately we believe it will make us worthy.

Worthiness and success are not related to achievement.

Busy is often a good way of avoiding something and not dealing with what matters. ‘I have no time for that’.

The key to happiness is to cherish life and the moments that matter, it is to do less, and that means carefully choosing what matters.

Focus only on what matters, what you will remember with real fondness at the end of the journey.

Take your time to enjoy each step of your life.

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