Swimming against the tide


Swimming against the tide is tiring unless you’re a salmon aiming to swim upstream to spawn, and I am guessing, seeing as salmon are not prolific readers of my blog, that you’re not.

In life, we expend so much energy resisting things that we deep down know are the right solutions or the right choices.

All we need to do is let go, let go of inhibition, let go of fear, let go of worry and follow our instincts.

Go with the flow, because until some obstacle comes along, we can float happily through life. When the obstacle comes we’ll have to deal with it, but all obstacles can be overcome. If it can’t, then choose a different stream to flow down.

Swim with the tide, it’s so much more enjoyable, is less tiring and who knows what will come along, that’s the exciting thing about life, the unexpected, the magical, the unknown.

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