I often talk about not over thinking, or analysing things too much. However, there is a need sometimes to pause for thought and some reflection.

In life, we face emotional situations at times. It could be someone’s actions or something they say to us or about us, that causes an initial reaction of hurt, or anger or other emotions.

This is normal to react this way initially and perfectly OK. It is OK to have emotions and to feel things like anger etc. However, if we react straight away based on those emotions, then we risk the wrong outcome.

Once we enter this emotional response mode, we engage the limbic brain often with a ‘win at all cost’ mentality. It becomes totally black and white, we often are seeking to inflict retribution.

The fact is, if you step away from the situation, give yourself some breathing space and take a moment to reflect, then you put yourself back in control of yourself. You are then likely to respond with clarity and not be clouded by emotion.

By doing that, the recipient is more likely to engage and respond in a similar manner instead of responding with anger or other emotions.

This does not mean that you are backing down or being weak, in fact in shows strength and shows that you are in control and not going skip to someone else’s tune.

Reflection can be a very powerful tool to regain control of your emotions.

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