Different opinions and freedom


There are those that advocate banning people, who are deemed to be ‘extreme’ or have opinions that are ‘inappropriate’.

The problem with that is, who decides what is ‘inappropriate’ or ‘extreme’.

Let’s hear all opinions, and then in a true free society, we can then decide for ourselves what is acceptable or not, without the need for others to decide for us.

If opinions that are aired by some, are truly unacceptable to many, then the majority can choose not to follow them.

The danger of silencing any particular view is, who decides who performs the role of arbiter of suitable views?

For example, I really do not care for the views of Donald Trump, but I would have a big problem with him not being able to air them. Thankfully he has been able to speak freely and that has enabled me to know exactly what he stands for and that he is a person, whose opinions I do not care for in any way.

We live in dangerous times in terms of threat of censorship for our ‘security’ and ‘safety’, with many governments looking to restrict access to alternative websites, and with trade agreements looking to prohibit any criticism or challenges to large global corporations.

It is vital that we protect freedom of speech, regardless of whether we agree with the opinions or not. After all, there is no right or wrong, as that is myth that we humans have created.

Hidden opinions are far more dangerous, than ones out in the open for all to hear and for everyone to have a chance to decide.

Without this freedom, we will have an Orwellian, single voice of the establishment only.

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