Are children not humans too?


It seems amazing to me, that in 2016, we still use shaming and humiliation as a way of controlling others.

This is especially prevalent in education, where the humiliation of children seems to be still completely acceptable, and sadly, all too common.

We hear people in education rattle off the ‘values’ of their particular establishment, yet often these values do not seem to apply when it comes to how children are educated or treated.

As adults, we would not accept being treated in the way in which it seems OK to shame, humiliate, shout and even bully children in schools.

Modern education is a shaming, scarring and humiliating experience for many children, hardly likely to prepare them for the world. Add to that, most of the content that is taught is so out of date with our current and future world too.

In a world, where the established order strives more and more for the standard, the bland, the homogenised and especially the compliant, the education system is at the forefront of this. The giant state run compliance factories churn out more and more cogs, to be used as assets by large corporations. Trained never to question, or deviate from the instructions of the system.

There is no empathy, no kindness and very little humanity in the process of educating our children. This is perhaps why there is little of those three things in the world from the system.

We have mainly removed the physical punishment in schools, thankfully, but we have not removed the more traumatic and scarring, mental cruelty of being shamed and humiliated.

Why do we not treat children the same as adults? Are children not humans too?

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