Don’t do today, what can be done tomorrow


We are taught to never put off, always do it today, get it done etc.

Procrastination is seen as a bad thing.

It is.

Well only for the things that matter.

So the question isn’t whether to procrastinate or not, it is what to procrastinate on. We have to accept that there is not enough time to do all the things that we want to do.

However, most of the success in anything actually comes from doing less, but the things we do, need to be the ones that are going to make the biggest difference.

So look at your list, and if it is not going to make a difference, then procrastinate on it, not just for a few days, but permanently. It’s easy to spot what to procrastinate on, if it has been on the list a while, and nothing good or bad has occurred from not doing, then probably best to put it off for good.

Then for ones that make a difference, the few tasks, then grade them from most important to least and then procrastinate on the least for a while, allowing time to get the really important tasks done.

This is a hard habit to build, but life is all about forming the hard to form habits, and sticking to them.

Put off the unimportant, forever.

3 thoughts on “Don’t do today, what can be done tomorrow

  1. Hey Philip, great post! Great way to look at procrastination, never heard it said in those terms. Thanks for sharing!

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