Over-charging is a common thing, actually more common than many of us realise.

The businesses that do that though, what are they scared of?

Are they frightened to charge a fair price and deliver exceptional, in order to grow their business?

Do they work on a plan that they keep over-charging until someone challenges it, and if they lose a few, well there are ‘plenty more fish in the sea’?

There is an alternative to this.

Create an exceptional product or service, market it well, deliver it even better. Focus on the customers that you have and keep them. Charge a fair value for your service or product, and fair does not have to be low.

If what you do is exceptional, rarely will anyone be focussing on the price. The only time price becomes an issue is if the product or service is not up to scratch.

Over chargers will make money in the short-term, but longer term the exceptional always wins.

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