If you ever needed a greater example of how different is the right thing to strive for, and more than ever in today’s bland and homogenised world, then look not further than the life of David Bowie.

Not only was his look and music very different, in an era of music that was diverse and rich, but he did it in a time where he was really challenging the very conservative/established way of doing things.

From someone who would have been considered odd, he went from a nothing to what we all remember him to be. It took bravery to stand out in the way he did.

I often write about the need to be think different, live different and be different, for the need to be one of Seth Godin’s ‘purple cows’.

The news of Bowie’s passing today, was a further reminder to us all, we have one brief moment in this world, why not stand out in our own unique ways, and leave our mark, our legacy. Don’t waste a moment.

RIP David Bowie.

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