The decisions don’t matter


The choice that you make does not matter, it is the actual making of the decision that is important.

If we all took even 1/2 as much time to come to a decision on something, then we would get so much more done.

Then the more you get done, the quicker you learn which outcomes work for you, and then the next time you come to that choice, you’ll better know which way to decide.

So the habit of making faster decisions and eliminating over thinking, is so much more important to focus on building.

Do not waste too much energy on what to choose. Often the first instinctive thought is the best one.

That does not mean running your life like you’ve just rolled a dice to choose what next, but the longer you wait, then the less likely it is that you will do anything.

Equally, you do not know whether the decision will bring about the desired outcome yet, so just get on with choosing. There is never a right or wrong decision, because if the outcome is not as you want, then learn and do something different next time.

Decide whatever.

One thought on “The decisions don’t matter

  1. Hey, great article, so true! Remind me of a quote “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week”. Thanks for sharing!

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