We must have a ‘sense of urgency’ is something that is often said in business, we need to ‘hustle’.

Is the need for ‘urgency’ or to ‘hustle’ more to do with the need to fit in and to be seen to be following the crowd, than any real business need. The people who will sell you the need for money, will tell you that you need to be ‘hustling’, you have ‘no time to waste’.

There is no fire, there is no life/death deadlines, there is no need to behave to a formulaic pattern, laid out by the ‘wise’.

Standard, generic and easily replicable stuff needs urgency, as if you don’t sell it like ‘hot cakes’, then someone else will or can, thus stealing your prize.

If you want to create remarkable things, that takes time, patience, and means sticking to what you truly believe in. You have to be prepared to invest time, as the very best takes practice and takes a commitment to whatever time it takes to happen.

Urgency is created by those who have no time for the remarkable, only for the now and immediate gratification.

Creating is for people who have all the time in the world, and a desire to do the best that they can.

Don’t get sucked into urgency, be bold and spend time to create your own thing and have faith in your way of doing things.

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