Test it

Philip Dodson blog

When over-thinking kicks in, the longer you let that process run, the less likely you are to do something.

Our limbic brain will talk us out of most things, it’s especially skilled at dangling instant gratification trinkets in front of us. Boy does it know which ones work with us, after all it’s had our lifetime of experience of what weapons to use to thwart us.

The thing is, if you have an idea, unless you test that on an audience, it will always remain an idea.

As time passes the idea will turn into a regret, especially when you see someone who had the courage to test an idea similar to yours. Often in our eyes, we see it as stealing our idea and we get quite indignant.

Then we say ‘well they won’t do it as well as I would’ or we might say ‘well maybe the idea wasn’t for me anyway’.

The fear of not testing an idea prohibits us ever knowing the outcome and think of all those great things we could have created.

Testing doesn’t have to be big, all that is required is to have the courage to try. But that is a small sacrifice versus the pain of not knowing, the regret and the disappointment of seeing others doing it.

So what ideas do you have today, that you could overcome the fear of trying, and go out and test on the world? You never know the outcome and that is the excitement of life, we get to choose which ideas we test out loud or don’t.

Just test something.

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