What could we learn?

Philip Dodson Blog

Learning something new becomes harder and harder, or so we are told.

We are told that as you get older, then it is harder to learn. Is that true? The only way is to try learning new things and find out. However, that isn’t encouraged beyond the ‘training’ the system wants us to have.

I actually think this is yet another ploy of the industrialised world, in order to make sure we don’t learn and then we will not want to comply any more.

If we find out too much, we might uncover the truths, or realise that we have talents that are suppressed by the system. From a very early age we are always taught ‘don’t’ do that.

We are told not to cross the line, follow the rules and the system decides what is ‘appropriate’ to learn or not.

Well I am on a quest to keep learning, to keep trying new things, so that I can continue to improve what I create.

What we could all learn is limitless. With a short span of time in this world, why wouldn’t you want to keep learning new things? Equally with new skills what we can create is limitless.

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