Toilet paper and changing the world? Really?


If you have been following the story, I am on a quest to put my why into everything in my life, put my values into all that I do. So I have previously blogged about soap and fruit changing the world.

Well now it’s the turn of toilet paper to carry the banner of the revolution.

So I was sitting planning my daily #WalkNTalk Periscope and I planned today’s topic to be on ‘don’t use supermarkets’, which is something we have started doing at home, and something I am now applying to my business. In business change supermarket with Amazon.

Supermarkets/Amazon are bad because:

* They don’t treat their staff very well
* They kill small businesses, run by real people for the community
* They avoid paying tax
* They cook their books (Tesco)
* They sell us horse meat that is supposed to be beef

The list could go on, but hopefully the point is made.

While planning, I remember I needed some more toilet paper for my coworking space. I normally have been buying it from Amazon (uh oh I’ve admitted to being wrong publicly). So I went onto the internet and searched for ‘eco friendly toilet paper’ and found eco-leaf on Amazon, looked up the company directly, which is Suma. I then called them to find out how to buy without using Amazon. To cut a long story short check out Ethical Superstore.

They have all the convenience and ease of Amazon, but they are decent, ethical and great people.

So this is yet another step in my journey to change things, step by step the world can be changed, if we all do a little bit each day to find an alternative, and support the people, who were driven by their why, to make a change to the world. So toilet paper can change the world.

Next stop the coffee.

#NewWorldProject a world for the many not just the few

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