If everything we imagined had happened, life would have been unbearable, as we always imagine the worst.

The thing is, it didn’t all happen, maybe over a lifetime one or two really bad shit occurred. maybe 5 at worst.

Did we deal with those things? Yes, or we accepted them.

Are we still here? Yes, as you’re reading this.

Did we learn something valuable from that? Yes.

Perhaps, if we need to imagine the future, we could imagine the best.

The worst outcome

We have trained ourselves, helped by parents, school, the media and so on, to think about the worst outcome first.

This is a safety net that we have all adopted to play safe, a bit like perfection.

“If I think about the worst that can happen, then everything else is a bonus’ we say in our heads.

This is setting ourselves up for accepting ordinary, for getting just OK, for being average. We are hiding, perhaps for fear of success or fear of failure.

What if we turned it on its head and imagined the best possible outcome by default? Imagined the most outrageously good outcome. Why not?

What have we got to lose?