Waiting to be chosen


Often in life, we wait for others to choose us. Perhaps a boss, or a partner or a friend. To be picked for a team, to get a promotion, to be chosen to lead.

We hope to get noticed, we try hard to be picked.

Then the disappointment comes when we are not chosen. We then blame ourselves or we think that we are not worthy enough or others are always better.

We all have our own genius within us, our own unique skill and talent. Just because others around us may not be able to spot it does not make us unworthy or lacking.

Find out your passion in life and go build it. If you are not getting picked to star in a film, make your own. If you are not getting the promotion or fulfillment at work, start your own thing and make that fulfilling.

The solution is to choose ourselves, stop waiting to be picked, as it may never happen.