Leopards can change their spots


I used to believe the myth that you are what you are, accept it and no point in trying to change it as ‘leopards can’t change their spots’.

95% of what we do, feel, think, say etc on a day to day basis is habitual, yet we are born without any habits.

So our environment, people, influences, ourselves and what we tell ourselves in our own heads, shape all these habits.

I know from personal experience, and it is a journey that I have been on over the last 3-4 years, that you can change, even the most ingrained habits.

The key to it is your mindset and really, I mean really, deep down, wanting to change. Accepting you need to change and becoming aware. Then you need to set off on the journey of change one small step at a time.

Realistic small daily steps with plenty of self-encouragement and reward. However, you have to commit, otherwise, the new pathways get over-grown and the old ones remain.

You need to take one habit at a time and look at the one that will make the biggest impact and tackle that one first.

The results are so worth the commitment and time that it takes and that is another key ingredient in change, learning to be patient with yourself. Be kind to you.

So whatever you want to change, but believe that you can’t, unlearn that and believe. Leopards can change their spots, as I have changed mine.