Hiding away from a challenge, a protest, an issue, a person or whatever it maybe doesn’t make it disappear.

A step further, is even to censor whatever others see, hoping that they won’t see the protest, challenge or issue.

The problem for the people doing the censoring is that people do find out and then they start to question why you were trying to hide something from them.

Those who have nothing to fear or hide, will be completely open.

Beware those who do.

Today’s picture is of a demonstration in London, attended by 150,000 people, against the current government’s austerity, that has hit many less fortunate. Meanwhile, many in the government have been exposed for hiding their money offshore to avoid paying tax. You may not have seen the demonstration in mainstream media.

It’s not about what ‘flavour’ the current government are, it is about doing the right humane thing and paying into the community for all.

It’s also about being honest.

Fear and fences


If you have nothing to fear you do not build a wall, a fence, put up cameras and have armed police.

If you lead by example, if you stay true to your values, do what is humane, behave decently, respect others and if you make a difference in an inspirational and honest way, then you have nothing to fear.

Fear creates barriers, physical and mental ones. Fear creates extremes such as lies, hate, anger, violence, and also apathy, acceptance of injustice.

Outside of the home of the great British ‘freedom and democracy’ stood a fence, cameras, lines of police, and no sign of the leader that all of that is there to ‘protect’.

It’s not about politics, it is about decency and humanity. None of that can be built behind fear and fences.

We need to build alternatives, we need to take down fences, physical and virtual ones, to unite as the human race against injustice. A world for all not just a tiny privileged few.

If you believe in the human race, then act and do not accept being controlled and enslaved by just a tiny few.