Sometimes we have to rumble with things and mull them over before making a decision.

There is a pressure often to make snappy decisions and not over-think and that is true, but paradoxically, there are times when contemplation and a real deep think have value.

Impulse is good, but not everything in life can be fast and when it is decisions that really matter, there is no harm in going for a walk and thinking, or sleeping on it before reacting.

Most things in life are a blend yet often we want it to be a quick fix instant answer for everything.

Take time when it’s needed, after all, it’s our life and our choices.

Somewhere only we know


We all need a place in life to escape to.

It can be a physical place to shut ourselves off from the noise.

It can equally be a place in our heads or a combination of both.

It is a place that is important to everyone to have, we all need a sanctuary, time for ourselves, for reflection, meditation, for relaxation, space away from the demands of others.

As song title says, somewhere only we know.

Go there every day and have a moment for you.