Blog writing

Second-guessing what others will want to hear from us as blog writers only leads to disappointment.

The stats don’t matter anyway, well unless you are blogging to make money from it, so trying to write things that others might want to read is a waste of time.

If you blog for the simple pleasure of sharing your worldview with others, and in my case actually the enjoyment of writing for myself, then it is best to just write what you’d like to read.

If others like it great, if they don’t well, that’s ok too.

Being genuinely yourself in all things is the answer, not just blog writing.

5 thoughts on “Blog writing

  1. Hi Philip. You make a really good point. Doing things for the wrong reason will only build resentment. The writer/blogger will wonder why they bother and the reader will come in with expectation. The blog is yours….go forth and conquer.

  2. Aw yeah. I’ve always tried to find the balance between writing for myself and for an audience. But if Emily Dickinson could have her work so well-loved even though she wrote for her eyes only, then maybe I can do worse than to write for myself. Thanks for this post!

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