Trees fighting the wind

Resilience is often thought of as about being strong and fighting against the odds, about being tough!

If we look to nature, the most resilient things are those that are flexible and do not fight the elements.

Bending to the wind rather than fighting it ensures the tree’s survival.

Resilience is accepting what is, not fighting what is and allowing ourselves to flexible. Stepping away from the mind and being present, taking the action to the situation free from the ego and its image of being tough, strong, resilient…or not.

So when the going is ‘tough’ we accept that, rather than denying it and stressing ourselves with wanting a different outcome to what has already occurred…futile. Also, the moment we resist mentally ‘what is’ it is the same as a tree that fights the wind, it breaks.

Bend with the wind, accept it is windy, and then spring back.

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