A hullabaloo

All the hullabaloo that goes on, every second, of every minute, of every hour, of every day and forever, is all contained within the individual or collective mind. It’s not real, it’s just the dramatics created by thought, ego and minds.

None of it matters…each and every single one us, the 7.8 billion humans alive today, will all be a pile of dust between now and around 100 years from now. Our souls repurposed by the universe for another wonderful experience and our physical carnations gone forever. We are just a ball of energy having a human experience.

The mind feeds on the hullabaloo, it loves drama, the ego will turn everything into how anything affects it and it’s fragile existence and the mind will create whatever sabotage to avoid it being at risk. It feeds itself and so the merry-go-round of suffering from our mind continues.

Switch off the hullabaloo and live in peace, always in this present moment, the eternal present moment and leave the drama behind.

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