Wisdom and information

All the wisdom we’ll ever need is within us from the day we are born until the day we die.

‘Intelligence’, as it is perceived, is what we learn from books, school, the internet. That is just information to be stored in our mind. It’s also another ego-driven activity so that we can feel superior to someone else by knowing information they don’t. Or a way of conditioning the mind and false you and me.

The real answers for a peaceful, joyful and free existence do not come from information, they come from wisdom.

Wisdom comes from our soul, from our being, from our very essence. It is a feeling, an intuition, a guidance from the universe. It is the feelings of the real you and me, not the fantasy of the mind. We instinctively always know what to do and then the mind takes over, if we allow it, and sabotages, the ego and the story get in the way. Thought overrides wisdom when we are consumed with our mind. We do something based on information, fear or other peoples thoughts, when we instinctively know and feel different.

When we allow wisdom to flow, when we are conscious, when we are away from our thoughts, then we can deal with anything and create what we want. We allow the light to shine.

Wisdom is all we need to just be, information is for the mind.

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