Stop living in other people’s shows

I have blogged before about not being a bit part or an extra in our own film or show that is our lives.

Another thing that happens, and I can certainly put my hand up to this one, is we become a bit part/extra in someone else’s show.

We wait for them to do something or even rely on them to do something. We even wait for their permission to do anything, we feel they are the solution to our woes. We often hope that they will solve our challenges, the ones we can’t seem to tackle.

It is a get out, it is an excuse to release ourselves from the responsibility that is our life. We often then blame that person for our lack of progress too. Our own frustration and sometimes anger manifests itself in lashing out at the other person. We stay stuck, almost wanting to continue the punishing of ourselves.

Like anything, if we keep doing the same thing, we get the same result, so we have to change our thinking, change from looking to others to questioning ourselves. Change is an inside job and not for others to do for us, sure the can be the inspiration and they can support, but we have to accept and become accountable.

We have to not only stop living other people’s shows but star in our own and that means taking charge, focusing on our wishes and not worrying or relying on others.

We get the one show, better to be the ones who control it, as it is ours, and ours alone to control. Everything and everybody else is outside of our control.

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