Don’t worry about achievements

Happiness and joy in life are not made up of what we achieve in terms of qualifications, salaries, houses, sales, followers…it is made up of memories that we create in our heads, and the heads of others, of moments, activities and experiences we do with people who matter.

Moments that we can recount or recount together with others that makes us feel warm, happy and that we keep with us and cherish for a lifetime.

Never worry about whether or not you achieved enough tasks, duties, things in your life, it is less important.

We can choose to concern ourselves with creating the memories, that will become our legacy when we are gone, with the people who truly matter in our lives.

Wake up each day full of joy and gratitude for the journey we’ve had, for the treasure chest of memories already there. Grateful for all that we have, our partners, families, friends.

Everything that happens from the moment we wake up every day can be viewed as a bonus, an unexpected gift to be hugely thankful for.

We can then choose each day to do something small but special for ourselves or others that we love and care about, or even for a stranger. The small things matter and make us feel good about ourselves and help others to feel good too.

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