Changing the default

What if the default reactions were different?

Talking ourselves into things instead of talking ourselves out of doing something.

Being optimistic instead of fearing the worst.

I can instead of I can’t.

Reacting with patience instead of annoyance.

Giving someone the benefit of the doubt versus looking to blame.

Praising someone for doing something right instead of trying to catch them doing something wrong.

Listening, as in really listening, instead of talking first.

Helping instead of turning away.

Compassion instead of judgement.

Smiling instead of scowling.

A hug instead of pushing away.

Holding hands instead of quarrelling.

Patience instead of instant gratification.

Supporting instead of competing.

Collaborating instead of winning or losing.

Asking instead of telling.

Leading by inspiration instead of criticising.

Being inclusive instead of excluding.

Being tolerant of others, not accepting, instead of intolerance to differences.

Getting closer to people who are different instead of shouting them down.

Perseverance instead of quitting.

Reacting with love instead of hate.

I might be worth trying some new defaults. How we react is a choice we all make.

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