Sometimes in life, we want what we can’t have more than we want what we already have.

We overlook the amazing people in our lives, we overlook all that we already have and yearn for something we can’t have.

It becomes like an obsession, a thing we have to have.

Sometimes, we get the things we think we can’t and when we do, there is often a disappointment.

This is most often the case with material things, promotions, bigger cars, bigger houses, a new this or that.

We live in a house and think often about how much we can sell it for and how much money we’d make. We could just be happy that we have a house and live in it.

We could opt for not wanting, for having no expectations and for settle for life as it is.

That doesn’t stop us pursuing our dreams, in fact, the happier we are, the more likely we are to succeed in reaching our goals. The thing is constantly wanting things we don’t have is a drain, a distraction and is mainly about short-term gratification.

Life is as simple or as complicated as we choose to make it.

One thought on “Wanting

  1. Yes, yes, yes. I believe that we take things, people for granted. We grow complacent. Then it feels as if the only way to feel better is to have more, to desire that which we don’t have, when the correct answer it would be to appreciate what we already have, because the truth is that if we’re not happy with what we already have, we won’t be happy with whatever it is that we acquire.

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