Without meaning

This is when we give up, this is when despair comes in, this is when any form of suffering is unbearable.When there is no meaning to what we do.

Meaning, like success, is a personal thing, only we can decide what our meaning is and that is all that matters. It is our reason for life and we alone decide it. This is not the business of others to dictate what it will be or is.

A life without meaning is no life, our search, therefore, is not for the meaning of life, it is for our own life’s meaning. That will change and adapt, there is no right or wrong answer, but the struggle that is life is only able to be endured when there is a meaning. A reason for what we do.

Search for meaning and then following that is critical to a fulfilled, happy, successful and soulful existence and will enable us to keep going through any situation.

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