It only works if we allow it too.

The more we fear the more we can be terrorised.

We can only die once, yet many of us allow ourselves to die thousands of imagined deaths.

Terror and other fears, such as diseases etc, enables dependence on and compliance with the state on many things that viewed in isolation we would seem as unreasonable, ridiculous or an intrusion on our freedom and privacy.

The real controllers of the world peddle terror via the media and the nation states they control. In fact with such success, that many are in almost hysterical state of fear and panic.

While many pray for #London or #Paris, rarely #Lebanon or #Syria or #Turkey oddly, the global elite are praying that we do not uncover their agenda.

Perhaps, we could choose to exercise more curiosity as to who really perpetrates these acts of ‘terror’ and their global agendas.

After all, nothing is black or white and truth is just a perspective and an opinion depending on where you are looking from.

Terror is in the mind of people who choose to allow themselves to be terrorised.

As everything in our lives, it’s an option we can all choose to make or not.

However, violence, ‘terror’, hatred, aggression whatever place it comes from has never solved anything for the human race.

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