The communication struggle


The key to opening up the world of limitless opportunities is being able to communicate effectively with others. The ability to make the right connections and the ability to converse and articulate with ease is vital to being able to learn from others, share our story, our vision, and to get others to become part of that journey or to understand their’s.

Yet so little time is dedicated to helping us achieve that.

School is so dominated by science, maths, compliance and regurgitation of facts to get meaningless pieces of paper to allow us entry to work. Work, a place of doing as you are told, so little real communication.

Work is a place of being managed and controlled, a place like school, where communication and creativity are actually stifled and not focused on.

It is no wonder that when faced with public speaking, writing, communicating in groups and effectively articulating our vision, our opinions and our feelings that we struggle.

We need to focus the world on becoming comfortable with communicating and opening up to others.

After all cooperation, collaboration, empathy and kindness to our fellow human can not be expressed by formulas, or sitting compliantly shackled by management and fear.

Denmark have boldly started to have empathy lessons at school, perhaps we could start that as a template to change education to become more about communication less about compliance.

We need better connection not more training to do as we are told.

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