The two pains of falling down


So I fell on my arse, quite literally on some ice this week, it hurt but it went away with time.

I have fallen on my arse metaphorically many times in life, it hurts and still does.

The difference between the two pains is our choice.

The physical pain will go often of its own accord, although, here the mind can prolong or exaggerate the pain if we so choose. But over time we heal.

The mental pain of failure is there for as long as we choose it to be and its severity is another choice we make. We can hold on to failure or let it go. But if we choose, the mental pain can remain for a lifetime.

We can allow it to dominate or we can accept it and choose a different outcome. We can let go, we can move forward, forgive, learn and step out of victimhood.

After all, we will always have falls in life, it is how we deal with it that matters.

Pain is a choice.

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