Settling for easy


When we are faced with the hard work that our day-to-day routine can throw at us, when things are getting a little challenging and the reserves are a used up, we can often look at an ‘easier’ existence, job, work whatever and think ‘yes, I could do that and life would be easier’.

However, before you are too hasty in settling for what seems ‘easier’ take a rain check.

Is any life, job, activity, existence easy?

It might seem attractive to step into someone else’s shoes and take an ‘easier’ option. The fact is, if it’s easy, then there is probably no value to it, no fulfilment, no meaning and after an initial period, it is likely to lead to boredom. If it doesn’t have those things, then, in reality, it is not ‘easier’ it is in fact much harder.

A good exercise for all of us to do now and again is to go a do another person’s job or try their life for a day. I think we would conclude that the grass isn’t always greener and perhaps we would appreciate what we already have much more.

That doesn’t mean always being satisfied, it means to focus on what you have and commit to making it better, adapting it, and evolving it. However, do not wish for an escape to an easy life, as easy is not what fulfils us, it is just an escape route to avoid commitment to making what we have better.

There are no shortcuts to something better.

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