A comfort in holding on


Liberating ourselves from past behaviours is sometimes sabotaged.

We may think that we have decided to change and form new habits.

Sometimes we explain to ourselves that lapses in behaviour are to do with it taking a long time to change a habit. This is certainly true of habits that we have had for a lifetime that we are trying to alter.

However, sometimes there is a subconscious comfort in remaining as we were, particularly if the habit is related to a person or perhaps our childhood.

Once you realise what triggers a particularly habitual behaviour that you are trying to change, get really curious to see if this behaviour has a comfort zone from the past.

Comfort zones are nearly always uncomfortable and safety is riskier than change. Staying stuck with a habit is in the long-term more painful than the change.

As I blogged only recently, hard things end up being easy longer-term and easy is always painful, like holding on for ‘comfort’.

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