Curiosity may have killed the cat


The trouble with ‘this is how it’s done’ is it might not have worked or it works for a few but not all.

Often it works only for the people who tell us that’s how the world should be.

So by default, we more often look to see how something has always been done.

It is like a comfort blanket for the same results.

Instead of always looking in the rearview mirror to see what’s been done, we could look forward to see if we can do something different, something new. Then we can rightly expect some different outcomes and continue to test and try again.

That is exactly what took the human race from the plains of Africa to where we are now.

What has happened now is the mass world has made everything average, most people are merely cogs in the machine unlikely to question, as much of the human race are brainwashed into believing ‘this is how it’s done’ is the only way.

Curiosity might have killed the cat but always doing the same will kill the human race.

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