How to increase your sales by 687% at the beach


So we are all familiar with the desire for certainty and it’s sold to us via books, seminars, webinars, blogs, podcast and gurus who offer us ‘gauranteed’ results. Our instant gratification world, that desires a short-cut, is easily duped.

The fact is there are no short-cuts and you can spend forever devising strategies on how to hit the ‘winning’ formula that is going to skyrocket your sales to the next level.

It is the simple human things that make the difference.

I am on 3rd full day of the DNX/Betahaus/Copass camp in Lemnos Greece, and the best conversations today have happened at the beach, including on the way back chatting to someone who just happens to need a service that I offer in the coming weeks. I never had to hit him up with my pitch. We just chatted one person to another with no agenda.

At the beach, I listened to Caroline talk with real passion about her visual and colourful mind mapping. I’m sold and not by a deck of slides, by the real human talking with passion about their ideas without ever attempting to sell anything. Caroline will never need to sell her ideas, her passion makes it easy to buy and the price is irrelevant.

No amount of clever tactics, content or manipulations aka sales will win long-term. It is always about the why, the passion, the story, the things that live in our hearts. Things that are different and unique will always be of greater value.

So next time you want to triple your sales, don’t sell, don’t manipulate, share your story with the passion that can only come from creating and sharing the work that really matters to you.

Connecting at the beach just puts the icing on the cake of not selling but inspiring others.

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