Predicting the future


We now live in a time that the human race has never previously experienced.

There are 7 billion + of us on the planet. We have the potential to all connect virtually, we all have the potential to broadcast our own TV, produce our own music, write our own blog, our own book, and create our own tribe, our own audience.

We have technology tools like Block Chain that can enable us to have things like to true global democracy, complete transparency and much more.

We have, as Brian Solis coined it, ‘digital darwinism’ where technology and society are evolving faster than our ability to adapt.

We have change on a previously unseen pace.

All of this has come in the last few years and compare that to the fact that it has taken Homo Sapiens 70,000 years to get from the plains of Africa to today.

50 years ago you could have predicted the future reasonably well, 20 years ago the same, 5 years ago hard, now, who knows really.

We are living through the biggest revolution the human race has ever seen.

The more important issue isn’t to predict the future, it is keeping up with it, embracing it and making sure we participate in making it all our futures, instead of a future for a privileged few.

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