Life is a series of stories involving us and others, can be just us, although rarely.

There is always the beginning where something happens, something is instigated, an event, a decision and a new story is born.

Then there is always a finale, a denouement, a punch line, an ending of this particular story.

The hard part is the middle bit, the part where we do not yet know the ending, how it will play out.

It’s important to keep going in the hard part, this is where we play our bit in deciding the ending. This where life happens between the start and the end. It is a series of stories, not just one life story.

The vital thing in all the stories that involve us, especially during the unknown middle section, is to make sure we write our own part. It is the only part we control and it is no good allowing others to write our script or direct us.

Don’t let others write our part of life’s stories, we have to own our part.

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