Cheating yourself – like, share, RT….


OK hands up, who has liked, shared or RT’d a post, article, blog, video etc without even reading or watching?

OK so maybe I’m the only one.

We live in a content saturated world and we all apply the ‘shit content’ filter now to be able to cut through the jungle of ‘blah, blah, blah’ to the stuff we like.

However, I am also noticing now how many people robotically will like an Instagram post, a blog or other content simply because it was tagged with #WhateverBollocks.

It’s like the ‘follower’ junkies who think they are popular (not sure who wants to be that) hoovering up followers with insincere tactics to get you to follow them, like the people who don’t know you blowing smoke up your arse on LinkedIn by endorsing you for a skill you don’t have. Now we have the sharers, who don’t look at what they’ve shared.

For me I say, carry on, as you’re the ones missing out, as you are cheating yourself of the great content, or maybe not so great, that you’ve blindly shared.

I for one will only share stuff I have read and genuinely like, not because the poster is popular or demands it to be shared.

Please feel free to share this LOL.

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