Share your gift


I blogged recently about choosing yourself and not waiting to be chosen.

However once you have gone down the path of choosing yourself comes the need to share what we create.

If we have an idea and simply keep it to ourselves through fear, often the fear of rejection or ridicule, then it has not been born or created.

In order to actually turn an idea into something real and tangible, we have to share it with others.

If we choose the right people to share it with, learn from each thing that we share, modifying along the way, then we have chosen ourselves, shared our work and we will be appreciated by the people who matter.

Fear can be overcome, the critic doesn’t matter, as they have not stepped in the ‘ring, however, regret lasts. Criticism is irrelevant, feedback from the ones who love us matter.

Choose yourself and share your own unique gift, we all have one.

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